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1. Jingle Bells

- practice each hands along 2nd page first. Then practice both hands

2. Dance of Sugar..

- practice each hands alone first entire piece

- practice both hands until measure 12. Practice from the last measure back up. Starts with 12, then 11-12, then 10-12 i.e.


1. Writing PDF

- please print out and write down the Alphabets

Murray writing
Download PDF

2. Learning F p.40

- What’s the nick name of Bass Clef? “F-Clef” because the head of the clef is on the F line

3. My Invention p.41

4. Performance book p.12


1. Run Mouse Run

- practice RH and count carefully. There are 3 beats per measure, so count 1-2-3 before you start,

- practice LH alone

- Practice both hands; goal > perfecting the piece

2. Start Wars

- work on triplet

- count 1-2-3 -1 Cho-co-late-treat


1. **Trumpet…

- practice and perfecting the piece.

2. Cannon in D

- adds 3rd page to practice


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