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Who Am I?

I always knew that I wanted to become a professional Piano Instructor. In fact, I can’t imagine anything else in life that would bring me such reward or satisfaction. I’ve been teaching since 2009 and truly believe that anyone who puts in the time and effort to practice can succeed.

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What is Music Class from Music With Mona

Welcome to our music class for children under 6 years old. Our classes are designed to introduce young children to the joy and wonder of music in a fun and engaging way.

Music With Mona uses a variety of interactive and playful activities to help children develop their musical skills and understanding. Through singing, dancing, playing instruments, stories time and listening to music, children will learn to develop their sense of rhythm, melody and harmony. 

We believe that music is an essential part of early childhood development and can help children build a strong foundation in life. 

Join us for a fun and musical adventure that your child will treasure for years to come!!

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