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Piano Lessons /
Group Class Policy

Welcome! I LOVE teaching students of all ages! Seeing each student progress as musicians and people on a weekly basis brings me so much joy. As a piano teacher I encourage each of my students to associate music and hard work with having fun while helping to guide them as they become more independent, more well-rounded people. In addition to learning music skills such as playing/performing and reading music, students  will also learn ear training, basic music theory, composition and harmonization.

Practice - Daily practice is strongly encouraged. Although five days a week is a good starting point, the exact amount of practice required depends on the level of mastery that each student desires. The more kids practice, the faster and better their skills are! Establishing a routine along with parents' help is the key to regular, successful progress. It is okay to have “less physical practice days” when a student is away, but I would encourage students to double up practice as much as possible before the next lesson. Effective practice requires equal parts of mind spent as well as time spent.

Lesson attendances / cancellations - Students are expected to attend all lessons throughout the school year. The school year calendar is from September to June. There are 38 lessons in each school year calendar that are billed equally over those 10 months. Thanksgiving break, Christmas-new year break, February break and April break are not counted into these 38 lessons which could be a perfect time for make-up lessons. With 48 hours notice, a lesson can be rescheduled. A maximum of 3 “reschedules” are also allowed per calendar year. Any lessons that I must cancel will be rescheduled or refunded. With school, holiday, and summer schedules there is only so much time during the year that I am able to teach. Each scheduled lesson represents expected income and missed or canceled lessons are valuable time that cannot be replaced. Your understanding and respect is appreciated!

When public schools are closed due to bad weather conditions, I will contact you by noon to assess the driving conditions for the afternoon. If we agree to cancel, we’ll schedule a makeup lesson or we perhaps do a lesson online.

Payment - Payment will be made monthly and is due the first lesson of each month. The amount charged is equal every month. There is a $55 fee per child per academic year for teaching apps and technology as well as assistance with Venue rental for recitals. Fees for method books and materials will be billed separately. Cash, Apple cash pay and check payments are preferred at this time.

**If a student quits lessons in the middle of a month, there are no refunds. If a student chooses to withdraw from lessons, please give notice at least 30 days prior.

Rate increase : Tuition is subject to small increases at the beginning of each academic year. Prior notice of rate increases will be given at least one month in advance.

Performances -  We have live performances throughout the year, including two main recitals: winter and spring recitals, as well as events organized by music teacher organizations such as MTNA and MaineMTA, along with outdoor public recitals

Summer : I encourage students to obtain piano lessons throughout summer. Due to a growing waitlist of eager students, I do my best to accommodate all schedules while also ensuring that my own schedule is adequately filled. I love teaching but also must consider that this is my primary source of income and lost income due to canceled lessons cannot be replaced. Thus, those students who choose to take off for the summer will be asked to pre-register for the following school year to guarantee the spot.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to teach your children!

Policy: Welcome

Music Classes Policy

Semester sessions: 11- weeks session per semester

  • Fall from September - November

  • Winter from December - early March

  • Spring Early March - May

  • Summer June - August

Payment: semester tuition is due in full the day of the student’s first lesson. The program is designed by semesters. Semester tuition is non-refundable. 

If you have any further questions about piano lessons, piano music or just pianos in general, please feel free to call, text or email me anytime.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to teach your children!

Policy: Welcome
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