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Piano Lessons or Group classes

Music Class
Fingers Playing Piano Keys

Children in-home private lesson

Offer private lesson that meet the unique needs of each student, so they can learn in their own time as they are beginners, intermediate or advanced.

Offer daytime private lessons for the age of 4-5

- 30 minutes lesson $42

- 45 minutes lesson $60

- 60 minutes lesson $75

Music class for young children age under 5

I design each classes to be fun and exciting for young children 1 and up. Focusing on singing, dancing and having fun playing instruments with peers. Unlock musical potential with solfège singing - develop ears and listening skill!

Classes coming this summer

Monday mornings

Free trials classes on 

Saturday June 10

Fall Semester 11- weeks

Mondays 9.30am

Starts Sep 6th - Nov 15th

$275 per semester

Adult Private lesson

Day time lessons: No matter your level of skill or experience, you’ll gain a lot from taking private lessons. Contact me to find out about availability.

- 30 minutes lesson $42

- 45 minutes lesson $60

- 60 minutes lesson $75

Lessons/Classes: Lessons
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