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1. Halloween Night

- practice from the measure 29 until the end first couple times.

- practice from measure 17 - 28

- practice entire 2nd page all the way to the end

- then practice from the beginning!

2. When The Saint for marching In (pdf - email)

- practice each hands alone couple times. And then try both hands


1. Lavender’s Blue (in the book)

- each hands alone first the try both hands

2. In the Hall…

- practice staccato evenly and steady beats. Listen to what you play


1. Men From Mars

2. Banana Split (in performance book)

3. Train’s coming

- Homework. Try to figure out how to play using all the things you learn from the lessons


1.Black Cat Shuffle

- practice the 2nd section A LOT. And play with steady beat. Make sure to play every sections in the same tempo (not suddenly slow down)

2. Pentascales

- C, D, E, F, G majors (in the binder) practice all these scales with the pattern that given

3. Trumpet Tune (pdf) in binder

4. Ice Skaters (pdf) in binder

- practice first half


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