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  1. Grumpy Old Troll

  • Practice from m.5-8. Each hands alone first x3 times. Then both hands together x3 times.

  • Then practice from the beginning. Don’t forget to play with dynamics

  1. The Haunted Mouse

  • practice steady beats both hands


  1. Practice from no.6 with dynamics each hands alone first , then both hands together. Make sure you can hear the differences between F and P,  say “choc-co-late” in your head at Fermata before you play the last 2 measures

  2. Then practice backwards from no.5-6, then 4-5-6 I.e.


  1. Practice from no.2 each hands alone with dynamics. And do the LH rainbow shape. Watch out for dynamics

  2. Practice last page. **1 pedal on the last line


  • read the music while practicing. Goal is to be able to play from the beginning to the end x3 times a day. If you can’t play correctly throughout the piece. It doesn’t count.


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