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1. Bullfrog Blues

- play connected (slurs) pay attention to steady beats

2. Halloween night

- practice RH , LH alone first couple times to review the notes and then practice both hands together measure 1 - 8


1. The I Like Song

- tap the beat before you play.

- remember to hold half note (2 beats) longer. Say 2 after each half notes

2. Theory Book

- practice your song that you composed!


1. Spring

- be aware of staccato, legato, slurs

- Goal; be able to play the piece comfortably without mistakes

2. In The Hall of Mountain King

- RH, LH alone first to review the notes then try both hands together til measure 16


1. Black Cat Chat

- practice review each hands alone, then practice both hands until measure 8

2. Sparky

- perfecting the piece! Play notes correctly! (watch out for the LH wrong notes)


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