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1. Sugar Plum..

- practice with metronome = 66 ; Start from the bridge until the end of the piece. Practice RH alone x2 think and make sure to play on the beats. Listen carefully to the beats.

- Then practice both hands together with metronome

2. Jingle Bells

3. Deck The Halls (book that share with Luke)

- RH alone


1. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

- focusing on RH alone a lot.

- Practice LH alone

- then try both hands together

2. Star Wars

- 1st page practice each hands alone x2 times with metronome = 66

- Please!!!! Listen to the bests carefully

- then practice both hands on 1st page

- 2nd page; practice each hands alone and both hands together once you feel comfortable. Play slowly!


1. Let‘s Play Ball p.46

2. Petite Minuet p.47

- count 1-2-3 before you start practicing every time

3. O’come…

- both hands all the way to the end of the song


1. The Entertainer

- make sure to practice the ending a lot

- Goal; be able to play entire piece without mistakes

2. Joy To The Worl

- switch pedals every measure

3. Cannon in D

- LH alone with pedals make sure to switch pedals nice and clean

- practice last part measure 37-41 a lot!! Make sure to play all the notes correctly

- practice RH alone from last page


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