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1. exercise p.12

2. Star Wars

- Count 1-2 and play from the beginning. Make sure you play right on the 3rd beat!

- Count 2 after half notes on measure 1&5

- RH alone 2nd page until measure 12


1. Jingle Bells

- start practicing from 2nd page. Each hands alone and read music

- practice both hands once you feel comfortable.

2. Sugar Plum..

- practice both hands all the way to the end of the 1st section. Play slowly with comfortable speed that you could play without stopping until the end of the section, still practice each hands alone.


1. Learning D-E-F p.42

2. Learning stepping up/ down p.43

3. Listen to the Drum p.13

- practice with dynamics


1. Pentascales

2. The entertainer

- practice RH alone. watch out for fingerings

3. Cannon in D

- practice both hands from 3rd page


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