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1. Dance of Sugar Plum..

- intro; both hands practice slowly

- practice in sections 5-8, play slowly

- each hands alone new section 21-25

**look at the music and be able to start from any point


1. Run Mouse Run

- (new book) count 1-2-3 before you start. Feel the 3/4 beats per measure

2. Star Wars

- practice each hands alone first then both hands together slowly.. check notes and its value


1. Learn G

- remember that G note is on the line 2

2. P.37

3. p.38

4. P.39


1. Pentascale

- practice backwards. Start from the 5th note

2. Trumpet Concerto (pdf binder)

- practice each hands alone throughly. Check all the notes then practice both hands together

3. Cannon in D

- practice both hands slowly** make sure to look at the music and be able to start from any point

- Practice both hands a lot on page 2 - 3


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