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Reading: J.S.Bach

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Please print and fill out the answer form below.

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1. review finger numbers, up - down, high-low sound,

2. practice moving fingers p. 10 - 13

3. The Old clock

- practice LH - RH ( stem up is for RH, stem down is for LH)

- practice steady beats

- audio can be listened on the other pinned post.

4. The Walking Song

- listen to the audio first then practice both hands. Starts with RH and then LH. Play with steady beats


1. Sight Reading book Practice reading as much as you can

- go through sigh readings p.12 (Sailing in the sun)

- p. 18, p.19 (Classic Dance)

- Half time show (p.24,p.25)

2. Bull frog blue

- listen to the audio below for couple times

- practice first page


1. Spring (pdf via email)

- practice RH first section (until measure 12)

- Read LH notes and practice until measure 12

(Don’t have to practice both hands together but you can absolutely try on your own)

2. “Into the mist”

- pay attention to slurs and dynamics.

- Goal : be able to play all the way through the end without pausing in between. Steady beats


1. Sparky

- read music and check notes carefully. Practice each hands alone first maybe 2 times each then play both hands together.

2. March Millitaire

- read and practice each hands alone then try both hands


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