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1. Allegro

- be ware of skips!

2. Russian Folk Song

- practice LH alone between the pair of C-A and B-G#

- practice both hands together a lot between measure 1-4

- then practice from beginning

3. The Opposie Song (performance book) p.19


1. Pirate of the North Sea (book 2A blue)

- practice each hands alone first couple times before play both hands together

2. Sugar Plum…

- practice with Metronome - 100 listen to the beats!

- practice with dynamics, eyes on music.

- add pedal the bridge part


1. Cannon in D

- play a normal speed that you think works best and be able to play entire piece

- don’t forget dynamics

- Lift your right hand Up every after slurs


1. Star War

- practice from smiley face

- practice super slow = 70

- practice normal speed = 90 back and forth between super slow and normal speed

- if it gets messy, go back to practice slow


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